Why Leaky Gut Syndrome Can Haunt Your Doctor

A leaky gut syndrome is going to leave its owner with a bloating feeling, gas and cramps that comes with food sensitivity. The problem with this idea is that it has stumped those in the medical field. From the standpoint of a medical doctor, most doctors do not know too much in regards to the gut so this is a gray area.

The term leaky gut syndrome is not a diagnosis that you attend school to learn about. Instead, the doctor needs more information to determine what exactly is going on in your stomach. In many cases, there is a lack of medical background. For this reason, more information has to be obtained before a true diagnosis can be made.

In most cases of a leaky gut, there are other problems that coincide with the leaky gut syndrome. The problem is going to share symptoms that other conditions share. The end result is a bunch of tests that have been done that left you with no answer that you already had. There are some things that you can do in order to help alleviate the symptoms from the medical problem.

A colon cleanse is often suggested in order to help remove the toxins from your body that can contribute to the leaky gut syndrome. The doctor might suggest that the toxins be cleared from the body by performing a colon cleanse at home.

The problem with colon cleanse procedures is that it typically is done in order to prepare the body for a surgical procedure. The colon cleanse will work to remove all the toxins from your colon in order to have your digestive system rid itself of the waste material and bacteria. The body can do this with the diet but in the case that it has not, the colon cleanse can help your body get back to a healthy state.

When you do a colon cleanse, you want to make sure that you are doing the procedure properly and just know that you could run into some side effects such as cramping and bloating. When it comes to having a colon cleanse done, there are two ways that you can do this. You can opt to purchase items at home and perform the colon cleanse at home or you can opt to have a doctor do it for you. When a doctor does this, its known as the colon irrigation. The colon irrigation is going to be performed in a doctor’s office while the colon cleanse at home is going to involve the purchase of items such as enemas or laxatives. Either of these tools will help to cleanse your colon when done properly.