The Leaky Gut Cure Program- Does It Really Work?

In this article, we present a review of a product that gives hope to those with leaky gut syndrome. Leaky Gut Syndrome (LSG) is a condition which results when big spaces develop between the cells of the gut wall as it become permeable. Inflamed and damaged walls in the intestine cause disruption of the digestive system as these gaps allow bacteria, fats & incompletely digested protein, toxins and waste to leak out of the intestine into the blood stream. In response to this, the immune system triggers an autoimmune response that leads to gastrointestinal problems and other symptoms.

About The Author

The author of The  Leaky Gut Cure Program, Karen Brimeyer, is a nutritionist, functional and remedial practitioner, a consultant of health and a digestive disorder specialist. Her academic background shows a Human Nutrition pre-med degree from the Florida University and the fortunate experience of having a top-rated functional medicine expert, Daniel Kalish as mentor. 

Being a victim of LGS for years, she spent this time researching for a cure until she was successful. Karen presented her strategy of treating LGS permanently by applying natural methods in her eBook – Leaky Gut Cure. Karen also owns the Optimal Self Healing, which is a private health and nutrition consultation service located in Tampa Bay, she has helped more than 1500 sufferers from around the globe find relief from their leaky gut condition.

What’s In The E-book?

Thousands of sufferers who could not have personal consultations were healed through the methods outlined in this e-book. Brimeyer stressed that supplements alone are inadequate treatment.  She showed that although food is good for the body, there are some that are harmful. Following the process of healing in her eBook, the victim can actually regain their health and live life to the fullest. The process involves teaching oneself how & what to eat during the healing process, as well as the benefits of a lifestyle change.

Through the leaky gut cure program by Karen Brimeyer, you will know how to deal with the source of chronic LGS and manage the control of your health. Important topics found in the book are:

  • Complete information about your gastronomical health,
  • Revealed secrets about those well- advertised health foods and diets 
  • The types of food you should eat and the foods that may worsen your condition
  • The 4 must have key concepts to achieve optimal health
  • Lots More!

No Product is perfect, as always there are some parts of the book that we like and some we didn’t. We have outlined them below.

 Pros -
    •    It is not an instant cure but a step-by- step- approach;
    •    the realistic system is easy to follow;
    •    secondary set of information, such as shopping guides, are included;
    •    clear presentation of the background and ideas about supplements;
    •    useful information about toxic chemicals in the house and
    •    food intolerance testing information.

Cons -    
    •    It makes no mention about using naturopath to give people more options for a cure.

Our Verdict?

This product is highly recommended!

The Leaky Gut Cure Program by Karen Brimeyer helps you save as you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on medications, doctor’s fees and other methods. Not only that, but you’ll also get free reports and other bonuses with your purchase!  Click here to begin your healing process today!

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