3 Tips To Help Treat Your Leaky Gut With A Rotation Diet

When it comes to remedies for bowel and intestine hyper permeability, a leaky gut rotation diet would probably be the most recommended, as well as the easiest and safest to do. For those of you who don’t know, a rotation diet is an eating habit that is often used to control food allergies. It is normally done by having a day’s meal of foods that are related biologically, and then having them again after an interval of four days or so. Although created to prevent food sensitivities or allergies, it can also help treat leaky gut, mainly because it is caused by a string of unhealthy and imbalanced diet.

Leaky Gut Rotation Diet Tip #1- Know What To Eat And What To Avoid

The first thing you should do when starting a leaky gut rotation diet would be to consult your doctor first. Usually, foods that heal leaky gut have 0% gluten (such as rice, potato, corn, tapioca, as well as some lesser known foods like arrowroot, amaranth, millet, yam, and many others), and 0% Casein (which is commonly found in milk products). Although these have many health benefits, you must first make sure that you are not allergic to these foods, to avoid further health problems. So be sure to consult with your physician about your plans and the food you must include (Read more about leaky gut and food allergies here).

Leaky Gut Rotation Diet TIp #2- Make A List!

The second thing you must do would be to create your leaky gut rotation diet master plan. List all the gluten- and Casein-free foods that are available and edible for you. Then organize them in a rotating order (rice, wheat; wheat, lentils; and so forth). Be sure that you remove those combinations that are inedible and unpleasant to eat (you still need to enjoy your meal, even if you’re on a diet). Next, you should make a chart out of the food combinations in the organized list that you prefer eating. This can be greatly useful, so you can enjoy a wide variety of foods without repeating the same meal over and over again. After this, you should collect as many food recipes as possible, so that you can have an enjoyable meal on a daily basis. This shouldn’t be a problem because recipe books and eBooks are readily available. In any case many delicious and easy-to-make dishes are posted online in many sources. Lastly, you should make a leaky gut treatment diet schedule. This is easy to do, as well as flexible. You can place any dish you want on any given day and time that you prefer. And you can place your copy anywhere in the house or even among your to-do list. Remember though that this is a leaky gut rotation diet, which means you must only eat the meal every five days (Read more about foods that heal leaky gut here).

Tip #3- Persevere, And Your Hard Work Will Pay Off!

The third and last thing is to maintain the leaky gut rotation diet. This requires a certain amount of discipline and perseverance, especially if you are a meat-lover and vegetables are not your thing. You should constantly remind yourself that this diet is good for you, and that it will remedy your leaky gut without resorting to expensive medicines and probiotics. Furthermore, it can help alleviate your food allergies. Knowing that, there is no reason for you (or anybody else for that matter) not to like the leaky gut rotation diet.

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